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Marcellin AURIOL
In 1915 Marcellin Auriol starts his business and begins producing steam hammers, he then extends his production to steel pipes and mechanical benders.  In 1925 during a visit to a trade show he purchases two cold drawing machines. The company soon begins rivet production for farm implements, saddlery and hardware shops.
Since 2000, in response to the increasing number of composite applications for aircraft,  AHG has been expanding its organizational structure by investing in two different fields - Research & Development and threaded fastener production.
Throughout the 4 last years, AHG has come up with new products better suited for composite structures with some significant outputs such as: FybrFlush ©, FybrComp ©, FybrLoad ©.
And to ensure improved customer support on assembly lines, AHG has developed 2 different temporary fasteners : Hi-clamp © and Sertibolt ©
In 2007, AHG acquired 2 sites in Tanger and Casablanca (Morroco) that are used today for secondary operations on threaded fasteners.
In 1950 Eloi Auriol in cooperation with Dassault starts production of aeronautical solid rivets.
From the 60’s onwards with the growth of the aeronautical industry, Jean Marc Auriol develops the market in France, Europe and the US where the first qualifications are obtained in 1984.
Production has since steadily increased, with a current daily capacity of
9 million rivets over 30.000 different references.