State and region support the development of AHG

Extensive Use of Low cost labour for the manufacture of threaded fasteners with 2 fully integrated sub contracting manufacturing sites  in Morrocco under full supervision of AHG. Extensive use of new CNC Machinery for :
                              - Tooling Manufacturing and Inspection
                              - CNC Heading, Thread Rolling
                              - Milling Operations
                              - CNC Inspection
Drawing machines from diameter 1/16 inch to 1 inch Capacity : 1100 metric tons per year
Heading / Forging
High-speed CNC machines from diameter 1/16 inch to 1 inch
Milling / Turning
CNC machine for milling
CNC Inspection equipment
Heat treatments
Annealing furnaces for wire drawing, air belt furnaces for solution heat treatment of Aluminum alloys, air aging furnaces for aluminum 6000 & 7000 series, Argon furnaces for annealing of Titanum, Monel, Stainless Steel, atmosphere furnace for anneali
Surface Treatments
Automatic chain for polishing and preparation before coating, Automatic chain for clear chemical conversion coating, Automatic chain for Alodine 1200, Sulfuric acid anodizing chain, Chromic acid anodizing chain
Automatic packing machine
Sorting Machines
New Laser machine for precise head marking
AHG tends to integrate internally most of the processes required to manufacture its parts in order to maximize quality and minimize cost and Lead/Time. Shown below is a list of our capabilities: